Originally founded as Hyundai Hysco America in April 2003 with an initial investment of $29M in Greenville, Alabama, the company’s original goal was to provide full material support to Hyundai Motors Alabama. In 2009, a second warehouse facility was constructed in West Point, Georgia, to help service customers in the area and expand the company’s existing consumer base. Then in July 2013, it was announced that Hyundai Hysco would merge its Cold Rolled Steel Division with Hyundai Steel Company Ltd. Two years later, with their merger fully completed, Hyundai Hysco officially changed its name to Hyundai Steel America, Inc., in July 2015. Now, as part of one of the world’s largest steel manufacturers, the company has continued growing in order to serve many customers across Central Alabama and West Georgia.

Being an integral part of the automotive industry, Hyundai Steel is dedicated to developing materials that make automobiles lighter and safer by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as tailor welded blanks (TWB). At its Greenville facility, Hyundai Steel can produce almost 4,000,000 TWBs per year. This type of cutting-edge technology creates better fuel efficiency, reinforces shock-resistance for enhanced safety, and reduces harmful gas emissions – a leading cause of climate change. In addition to its three TWB lines, Hyundai Steel is also able to provide many other high quality steel products. Its two slitter lines are capable of processing 175,000 tons per year; its blanking press, 6,000,000 pieces per year; and its shear line, 10,000,000 pieces per year.

Hyundai Steel America plays a key role in the resource circulation chain from raw steel to fully functioning automobile, and the diverse capabilities of its facilities and machinery mean that it can service many different types of customers. But in order to continue growing, it must provide newer products and differentiated services that exceed customer expectations. As a part of the Hyundai Steel Co. Ltd. family, Hyundai Steel America, Inc., will continue preparing for a greater future using its vision of 'Leading the New Era of Steel.'








Originally founded in 1953 as Korea Heavy Industry Corporation, Hyundai Steel Company Ltd., as it was renamed in 2006, is widely recognized as South Korea’s first major steelmaker. For more than six decades, it has consistently paved the way for sustainable growth by strategically boosting its blast furnace and electric arc operations and investing in new cutting-edge technologies.

Hyundai Steel Company’s largest mill, the Dangjin integrated steel mill, held its groundbreaking ceremony in October 2006. Its first and second blast furnaces were commissioned there in 2010, and another third blast furnace was put into production in 2013. Including the blast furnaces at Dangjin and the electric arc furnaces at its other locations, Hyundai Steel Company’s combined crude steel production capacity is 24 million tons. Adding in the cold-rolling division it acquired from the merger with Hyundai Hysco in 2013, Hyundai Steel Company is now firmly established as an all-inclusive production system integrating all production processes from raw materials to finished products.

Overall, Hyundai Steel Company runs seven works and five sales branches in South Korea, in addition to its headquarters in Seoul. Its overseas network includes the Qingdao plant, 17 local subsidiaries, and 8 overseas sales branches in 14 countries around the world including Hyundai Steel America in Alabama. For more information about our parent company, Hyundai Steel Company, please visit their website. (Link)








Hyundai Steel takes responsibility for ensuring the safety of its employees and everyone entering its places of business by expanding safety management practices from basic legal responsibility to social responsibility. By emphasizing personal accountability, employees are more focused on maintaining safe work habits, following established guidelines, and even recommending new safety practices.

Hyundai Steel maintains compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations concerning environmental health and occupational safety and provides continuous information, training, and safeguards to all employees about health and safety hazards. All of our facilities and equipment are kept in accordance with recognized and accepted industry standards which are essential to reducing or preventing exposure to these hazards. And because Hyundai Steel understands that its operations not only affect direct employees, but also the surrounding community, we follow a comprehensive environmental policy as well.

Hyundai Steel is committed to providing safe and secure working conditions and reducing injuries and illnesses to the lowest possible level. Our safety motto, “Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe,” is emphasized daily, and it is this focus on safety that drives us to continually improve our safety standards and seek to eliminate all risks in the workplace. That in turn equates to higher customer satisfaction, better quality products, and greater efficiency, profitability, and teamwork overall.

Safety Certifications:

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2015










Hyundai Steel America is constantly pursuing quality improvement. We believe that quality is everyone's responsibility, and as such, our employees are committed to providing the level of quality and service that our customers demand. To achieve this vision, we continuously focus on improving customer satisfaction, strengthening market leadership, and reducing incidents of customer complaints. We accomplish these goals by making continuous process improvements using our 4-step cyclical approach of planning, running, reviewing, and action. This type of risk-based methodology helps determine factors that deviate from planned outcomes, and along with preventative management, we can minimize error and make the most of any opportunity.

Hyundai Steel America’s Quality Management System is IATF 16949 certified.

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